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Case Study – Essay Example

, important to determine if a similar relationship exists between oral proficiency in the first-language and development of literacy in a second language.

I chose to focus on this area because the student I am working with is a South Korean student trying to learn English as her second language. She has steadily shown improvements in various aspects of learning English despite changing her environment from Korea to California. This research will enable me to understand whether the student’s oral proficiency in her first language plays a role in facilitating her understanding of the English language.

This research is base on two sets of data, that is, data about the school and the student. Data about the school includes information about the education system, the objectives of the school, number of students enrolled in the school, and the teachers in the school. The data about the students include information about her age and academic performance. There is also information about the student’s past performances. Both sets of data are important in creating a general picture of the student’s literacy skills and proficiency in English. Data about the school will mainly be collected from the records available in the school. Some of the data will also be gathered from interviews with teachers and administrators in the school. Information about the student will come from conducting the interview with the student, teachers, and her

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